People. Process. Performance.

Shelving Rock is a full-service specialty asset manager that provides end-to-end management of all aspects of its clients' investments in primarily 1-4 family residential mortgage loans and real estate owned.




Experienced In Pricing, Due Diligence, and Asset Management 

Shelving Rock sets itself apart from other asset managers by being exceptionally agile, proactive, and service-oriented. The accumulated expertise of the team lends itself to creative problem-solving on even the most complex deals. Our clients' willingness to purchase a mix of asset classes, combined with our emphasis on proven process and ability to execute transactions seamlessly, enables our clients to become valued trading partners.

Our Process



sENIOR Management TEAM

Shelving Rock was founded by a team of veteran loan professionals who have worked together for over two decades. The team is experienced in the acquisition, due diligence, and management of all types of mortgage loans and real estate.  


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